Pandemic Sampling Designs and Techniques

Determining How Many Samples and Location of Samples Needed Within Critical Buildings and Rooms For Pandemic Scenarios

This course will cover VSP procedures and tools needed to develop and visualize defensible sampling plans for buildings and surfaces for pandemic scenarios. The curriculum includes a VSP overview, an outline of possible sampling objectives and approaches for various real world pandemic scenarios, procedures for quickly creating accurate, to-scale representations of buildings and rooms, and several hands-on realistic case studies.

Your Instructor

Brent Pulsipher
Brent Pulsipher

Mr. Pulsipher managed the technical and business development of VSP for 15 years. He has conducted over 60 VSP courses and consulted on numerous VSP applications. He has an Master of Science Degree in Statistics from BYU. He managed a group of 30 Statisticians and Mathematicians for several years at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory before focusing on Program Management responsibilities the last 15 years of his 31 year career at PNNL. He is currently the owner of VSP Training LLC.

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and you have up to 3 months to complete it. Additional time can be granted by emailing [email protected] .

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